Spa Services

A skin care consultation may be one of the best things you can do for your skin health. Our medical aesthetician provides facials and treatments to address aging, acne and sun damage. We only use the highest quality products such as Environ, Obagi and ZO Skin Health.

Microneedling and rolling are two great options to deliver skin care products into your skin cells. It also may help with stimulating collagen production.

If it is small blood vessels that are bothersome, we have a laser that specifically addresses that.

If a deeper chemical peel, or TCA peel is needed, Dr. Dabbah performs those in the office. These peels help to make your skin more youthful and glowing.

For the deep lines of the face and mouth, fillers and medium depth peels are not enough. Dr. Dabbah uses the gold standard, a deep phenol peel. A phenol peel can soften, if not eliminate, the deep lines and wrinkles of the face. Dr. Dabbah finds the results to be more pleasing than the laser, which can leave the skin with a stiff, more plastic, look. The phenol peel is a great component to facelift surgery.

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